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The ABSOLUTE CUTEST Pug Puppy In A Bow Tie!

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Tell me that isn’t the most adorable little pug puppy!

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German Silva says:

I want to adopt one please gimme one I WANT A PUG

DarthWill3 says:

Aw… The cute little thing doesn’t know what to do with this bow tie!

Aaron Priest says:

Third comment so cute give my comment a like if you think the pug is cute,

Pug Collective says:
Timothy Haung says:

So cuteeeeee!!!

Kasper Hansen says:

Way do you have to kill me with too much cuteness!?

gelo enriquez says:

imiss my pug his name is BUNA i miss him :,(

MING GE says:


Wwe Paper view events says:

Cutest thing alive!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Breith Huseljic says:

Nope that’s it I’m getting a pug I need no more persuasion don’t worry
little pug I’m gonna adopt you

MrHollywoodmania says:

Super cute! 

Tim Nordström says:

Dats one fancy pug! 

jenna bear says:

OMMMGGGGG!!!!! I’m getting one official

Myrna Soto says:


Claes Karlen says:


Caelan Coco says:

soo cute:)

Priscilla Mundrak says:

20th comment and ADORABLE 

TogeloverRandomness says:

Best birthday present ever <3

Jair Renzo says:

It is nice ta

The Willdren says:

.1st comment

Colousses says:

Das ist so süß, ich bekomme Karies :D

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