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Meet my pug puppy Sophie

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One of my excuses for taking so long with the last episode.


Pat Telfer says:

Omg that pug puppy is so cute

SMASH MARK 153 says:

It’s so cute I that lost my man hood(that does not mean I’m gay!)

1x1x1x1 URL says:

Nice puppy!

Emil- Devil says:

Nice pupy

Maxium Capacity says:

my brother has a golden retriever named buddy he acutally plays sports;
basket ball and hunting ducks and rabbits

Bryan Tobar says:

It’s so cote

hognesjur says:

Soooo cute Hey you can build her in lego.

Jennifer Greenberg says:

I’m geting a dog it Mite be a husky

conlia says:

*laughs hysterically* SHE’S ADORABLE! *laughs hysterically again*

natalie fuhrman says:

I have a pug and her name is Polly

Jennifer Greenberg says:

Thank you

Zane VanDerWerff says:

i have a husky dog

에스디 says:

is puppy?
i wort sd
korea world coul
your puppy namy?

Alain Studios says:

Aw, She’s so Cute, I have my Dog is also Cute, he is a Maltese, and his
name is Snoopy, and he is Plain White, and he’s 3 years old right now.

Maikel Van Lith says:

She is so cute

Maikel Van Lith says:

She us so cute

TheStarwars124 says:

I have a labrador

lego land says:

I am so sorry I mean to say awww but the iPad made a big mistake

Patrizio Spencer says:

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWW!!!! (>w<)b how cute!

Whiplash Studios says:

Me too!

ThorandtheDrake says:

Cute puppie

LittleCloneStudios says:

shes sooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute =)

LiamRstudios says:

Where about in Indiana? I’ve never ventured far from Scotland. Maybe
someday I’ll be up there in a plane. It’s something I’ve never experienced.

Hydrax says:

Thanks for that I will be getting helium frog sometime soon then. I haven’t
seen your how to animate webpage. I will check that out soon

coacoaizme111 says:


MegaCardtrickmaster says:

Did you say let go or Lego

Chris Holguin says:

nice traning

Nightly News at Nine says:

It would be impossible to capture her cuteness in LEGO

TheFallen32 MOCs says:

I like pugs

4000PopCorn says:

New Block City*

Carson Rogers says:

What do you look like

Jakelegofilms says:

yeah lol

Sherry Ima says:

Cute puppy so adorable

Ellie xox says:


Niffs Z says:

I like Sophie, really want a pug!!!

Legoupload says:

Where did you get her?

lego land says:

Woah bad typo

Nightly News at Nine says:

Southern Indiana. It’s not a very exciting place, but we have family there.

Gage Wanjon says:

are u calling me that

Mc_SquartleSquad says:

She/he is so cute

Eagle says:

She’s so cute! 😀 Very nice dog ya got there. My favorite dog is a Golden.

Coolrockboy3 says:

WOW. i love pugs

Gage Wanjon says:

not really

Jennifer Bujold says:

Shes sooooo cute

Henrik Scheer says:


LiamTheLlamaGuy says:


Hydrax says:

Wow what a very well trained dog you have there. You should make her in
Lego or something?? Me and my bro are HUGE fans of your vids! They inspired
me to make my own. I am SOO excited about the new episode but you should
take a break before that. What would you recommend as a good free
Stopmotion software. That’s all for now, bye

CoolRRcousins says:

she is Soooooooooo cute!!

oscarmcauliffe99 says:

She is so cute. You just want to cuddle her.

Cricle8 says:

i here that those types of dogs more breathing problems than any other dog

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