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LIKE us on FACEBOOK! https://www.facebook.com/PugHeadTilt. FOLLOW Minnie & Max https://twitter.com/MinnieMaxPugs. Three Pugs, Mabel Minnie and Max demonstrate the “Pug Head Tilt.” The two on the right are mine. Mabel on the left was our guest. [More]
The typical play dead dog trick; however, my pug adds her own embellishment… a dramatic stumble before she falls. Lelu the pug is a year old in this video. She lives in San Francisco and [More]
Brother and Sister Playing together
surprised my girlfriend with a new pug puppy after the loss of her 10 year old beagle. watch ernie attack the camera here: http://youtu.be/_SAetL1xp94
As seen on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno! FOLLOW us on Twitter @MinnieMaxPugs! If three pugs tilting their heads is cute, then FOUR pugs tilting their heads is even cuter! Simple math I’d say. [More]
The eternal struggle for control of the dog toy.
this is my funny pug – Loui 😛 the dog was not trained to do this, it is his natural peeing procedure ;D
My mom was using the blender and my dog Ozzy decided he was going to run in circles to imitate it.
This is our Pug Ozzy. I put him in the launrdy room so I could clean the floors in the house. All I did was tell him to get into his bed (which he ususally [More]
Ahhh. Bandit is gettin it bad from the owner here and overall, he’s handling it pretty good. That’s a lot for a puppy to take. Good luck Bandit. lol. cute dog, guilty dog puppy funny [More]