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Funny and Cutest Pugs Videos Compilation, Try Not To Laugh Dogs Videos, Animals TV Funny Dogs Videos – A pets video about so funny and cutest pugs, they are so crazy, funny and lovely.***********************************Wish people [More]
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Stolen Pug goes Crazy when reunited with her Owner
Pug Putaro =15歳、まいにちあるきました=
Those Funny & Crazy Pugs Will Make You Laugh Till You FART, Funny Dogs Videos, Animals TVFunny Dogs Videos: A pets video about so funny and cute pugs, they are so crazy, funny and lovely.*********************************Wish [More]
Pug gets annoyed and hand-fights owner
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A pug puppy slipped and slid on the wooden floor after he got too excited by his owner running around at their home in Prince Fredrick, Maryland. The three-month-old pug, named Dave, loved running in [More]