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Fergus couine de plaisir pour aller voir Bouba et Tina, deux autres carlins
PUG – Meu PUG Zidane em dia agitado.MPG
Pug Dog tricks チョコの犬芸トリック集★黒パグPug犬チョコ
pug enojado cuando canto (angry pug)
Мопс и… еще один мопс. Pug and … another pug.
Loca the Pug ‘G’ & or ‘U’ rated version “The Pug that couldn’t run”
Queenie the Pug is a top level toy tester. While performing her duties she usually exhibits a calm & focused approach. However she does have an innate distrust of llamas. Don’t we all… Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CreaturaYouT… [More]
Atom the Pug drives anything put infront of him. This time he discovered a Boat and how fast they can go!!! Hold on to your hats Atom is about to Take you on a ride [More]
A funny video has emerged of a cat appearing to reject a pug as he tries to lick him clean. The footage, shot near Marbella, Spain on Wednesday, shows Bandito the pug pressing his head [More]