Byron a vu quelque chose mais quoi ?
Joshua and our 2 amazing Pugs (Jake and Jazz) Are Having Fun Swimming, Jumping, Diving In our Pool.
The further adventures of Buddy [the mischievous pug]
After a long day bushwalking my Pug Poppie is very tired and in need of a head massage. : A Pug is big dog in a small body. They are rambunctious and perky with a happy disposition. Pugs are a ball of personality and impeccably behaved around people.
Little Girl whom is also called Sweetness is giving birth to her first litter, and this is her story. By Sabrina Schmitt
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Sadie, my sister’s overprotective pug, doesn’t want anyone to touch HER pizza boxes. I’ve never seen a pug thats this territorial, especially since she just randomly decided that those pizza boxes belonged to her! I [More]