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It’s the start of Pug week. My son Ned and his wife Marta have two pugs, Yogi and BooBoo. The dogs are pretty old now, and Yogi is literally on his last legs, but in [More]
Wrinkles the Pug Puppy is chasing me through a pile of leaves and it looks cute.
Potty Training Pugs Potty Training Pug Puppies – FREE MINI Course Potty Training Pugs http://toptierpet.com/7hjf http://youtu.be/yfLYNYo3dcU All puppies have to go to the Bathroom each time they wake up from a nap, after they drink, [More]
O ‘Buldog francês’ é um cão muito forte, determinado, atlético e adora correr. Quase atropelam os Pug’s que também gostam de correr, mas não é muito o seu forte. kkkkk! Cada um com sua gostosura! [More]
World Pup – Pug Puppies vs. Bichon Frise World,Pup,Pug,Puppies,vs,Bichon,Frise
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‘Funny Pugs and Cats’ Compilation 2014 – Cute Pug Dogs and Cats To watch more funny and cute videos, please subscribe. Cat and Pug Love so cute, Cat love pug, Cat loves Pug, Crazy Pug [More]